Northside Woods

At a Glance

Northside Woods includes over 400 homes.  The predominantly large, wooded lots offer ample privacy, and many have amazing views as this is a hilly area.  These are some of the largest lots inside the perimeter. As you explore the streets that make up the area, you will certainly find many gorgeous, gated estates. Nearby award-winning public and private schools lend to the high property prices in Northside Woods.  The neighborhood association remains active in protecting their interests on zoning issues.


Northside Woods is between Powers Ferry Road and Northside Drive, bordered by Mt Paran-Northside and the Buckhead line.

What we Love

The sheer number of homes with multiple acres.

What We Don't

Biking around this area is not for the faint of heart.  The streets do not contain bike lanes and the long, rolling landscape makes for a very high-cardio workout.

Around the Neighborhood