Marsh Creek Rain Garden

At A Glance

The Marsh Creek Rain Garden is a fascinating little park along Johnson Ferry Road. The park was created in 2013 thanks to a grant through the Clean Water Act.

This 4-mile section of Marsh Creek had seen bacteria increase to levels that were outside of the limits of state water quality standards. A study in 2008 found that the poor water quality was due to urban runoff, domestic animals, leaks and overflows from sanitary sewer systems, illicit discharges of sanitary waste, leaking septic systems, runoff from improper disposal of waste materials, and leachate from operating and closed landfills.

The Marsh Creek Rain Garden was created in order to treat the water and reduce the bacteria levels through natural means. The retention pond provides filtration for drainage water and flood control for storm runoff. The park also features educational signs about the project and other “green” activities in the area.



90 Johnson Ferry Rd
Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Environmental Park
Walking Path
Picnic Tables

Around the Park

The park features many signs that inform visitors about the positive environmental imact of the site.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Marsh Creek Rain Garden is near Riverside, North Riverside, and North Springs.