The Galloway School

At A Glance

Established by Elliott Galloway in 1969, The Galloway School serves a diverse student body located in the Chastain Park neighborhood.

“We know that children will learn only if they want to learn, so we pay attention and find that thing that gives them the desire to know.”  ~Elliot Galloway, Founder

Galloway is philosophically grounded and learner-focused, where students ages 3 through grade 12 develop an abiding love for learning. Preparing students to live successfully as enlightened citizens in a changing world, Galloway embraces diversity, insists upon common decency, and fosters human dignity.
Through innovation, enthusiasm, and high expectations, Galloway draws students joyfully into learning and cultivates the intrinsic curiosity and unrepeatable talents of each individual.

Grade Levels

Pre-K through 12th


Project-based curriculum with experiential learning at every level. Upper Learning includes 16 AP courses.


  • Pre-Kindergarten – $17,500
  • Kindergarten-Fourth – $25,625
  • Middle Learning (fifth – eighth) – $28,075
  • Upper Learning (ninth – 12th) – $29,950


The Galloway School is found at 215 Chastain Park Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30342.

Around The Campus